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mapa slrcInternational Industrial Park (PIISL) is located in northwestern Mexico, specifically in San Luis Rio Colorado, Sonora. It is a 3,217 hectare industrial complex that offers world class infrastructure and excellent customer service designed to meet the needs of global companies.
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Largest Industrial Park of Americas: 3.217 hectares. View information about the complex as a constant development.

Customs San Luis Rio Colorado II

  Video Sobre la Aduana San Luis Rio Colorado  II  

View video about the customs office more efficient in Mexico, now in operation.
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25 de Enero de 2010
SLRC II Customs Inauguration
Aduana San Luis Rio Colorado II is located in an area of 33 hectares, consists mainly of large and innovative facilities linked to the U.S. through a 5-lane bridge, of which 3 are for imports and 2 fo...
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